Why you need a tailored Outplacement Service to support workers being made redundant during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The impact of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is being felt wide and fast around the world. It is a telling time for employers and when faced with the heart wrenching decision of down sizing your business and making your workforce redundant, difficult choices need to be made.

We understand no employer wants to lose people, but if you are faced with no other option, then consider using an outplacement service as part of the redundancy package. Outplacement Programs serve to provide your redundant staff with an extended & structured ongoing support, whilst ensuring your existing employees remain engaged having observed the respect and guidance received by the outgoing employees in these unprecedented times. Patrese People’s best Brisbane Recruitment Company.

It is never easy to make an employee redundant. Even more so, as an employee it is often a shock and devastating to hear the news you’ve been made redundant. Unprepared, you have to find a new job and often don’t know where to start. Especially in present times with the Covid-19 Pandemic when there are so many company closures and no jobs to go to.

Patrese People’s Outplacement Service can be delivered nationally. Our digital platform has recently been tailored to incorporate new modules, online programs and tools, to offer specific support, given the current climate. In addition, our price model has been reduced accordingly.

By engaging an Outplacement Service provider to your now former employee you are providing them:

  • the resources to update their resume to current standards with the opportunity to receive guidance, coaching and training
  • the best support for participants to prepare them in readiness to find work once this crisis is over with useful tools and a support network

What’s in it for you?

  • Brand redemption – you have done the right thing by your employees under these unprecedented circumstances
  • Redundant employees will leave less angry, more empowered and feeling more supported
  • Existing staff remain engaged having observed the support you have provided to those departing
  • A bit of relief to know you have done all you can to support former employees, given the situation

If you are interested to hear more about how we can assist you with Outplacement Services, please get in touch, we’d be happy to have a video / telephone meeting with you to discuss.

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