Top Tips for successful video interviews

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Given the current Coronavirus situation it is highly likely employers will adapt to integrating video interviews as part of their recruitment process.

We have written some key considerations below to help you in prepare and embrace online interviews.


Live Video – There are a variety of popular platforms used, such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team or the company may have a preferred method.  Familiarise yourself with these platforms.


The interview – Treat this like a normal face to face meeting.  Make eye contact, ensure your body language is portraying you as best you can.  Make gestures by smiling, nod to show you are listening and avoid interruptions by disabling email and other device notifications.


Dress Code – Despite this being a video meeting, remember this is a formal interview and your chance to present your best to your prospective employer. Business attire is highly recommended. Dress to impress.


Location – Ensure you chose an appropriate location for your interview.  The last thing you or the interviewer want is background noise, or visual distractions of things you might have going on in your house / home office.


Device – A laptop is often the best device to use, however if you do not have a laptop and are using a phone / tablet, ensure it has full charged and is secured and stable. Make sure the camera is capturing you at your best. The camera needs to be on your face, with the best lighting possible.  You do not want the camera moving throughout the duration of the interview, showing the interviewer the top of your head, or up your nose!


Video Platform – Be prepared, if the video platform is new to you, set it up. If it is a platform you’ve used previously, make sure you are able to log in successfully. Make sure you provide your interview any connection details needed to video call you. You only have a limited time to impress, make sure you are ready so the interview isn’t delayed.


Connectivity – Ensure your connectivity to Wi-Fi is strong to reduce delays and screen freezing moments.


Microphone – Time and time again people fail to test audio settings and spend the first ten minutes sorting out technical problems.


Trial Run – To ensure there are no technical issues during your video interview, do a trial run prior to the interview with a friend or relative, utilising the desired platform.




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