Tips To Find The Best Employment Agency in Brisbane

Choosing the right employment agency for your business should make your recruitment experience feel like a breeze. You will also know the right agency for you is looking out for your business’ best interest in finding the right fit candidate with the right fit culture.

Get The Right Type Of Recruitment Agency

Not all employment agencies specialise in the same thing. There are three main types of employment agencies:

  • Generalist recruitment companies are agencies who have the ability to successfully recruit over many industries. They don’t necessarily specialize in any particular field and will go to market in your industry and find the person you need to fill your vacancy.
  • Staffing agencies specialize in temporary or seasonal workers. These are the people you connect with to have a short or long term temporary position to fill, such as a leave of absence, maternity leave, etc.
  • Executive agencies specialize in finding top level executives. Whether it is a CEO, General Manager, CFO, or other, an executive recruiter are the people to contact when you need a high level operative.

Confirm Guarantee Period And Cost

One of the most significant aspects to consider when choosing your employment agency in Brisbane is what you get for the cost. Most employment agencies will have a guarantee period of some sort. This assists in protecting your investment if your new hire doesn’t initially work out. Having a guarantee period gives peace of mind and allows you to ensure your new employee fits your business.

Cost is, of course, a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing an employment agency for your business. Not all agencies cost the same. But generally those who find the right agency for their business, see the value in the cost once they receive a quality candidate. The right recruitment service should allow you to hand over the recruitment process allowing you to continue performing your daily functions.

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