The Four Rs of Temporary Recruitment

Are you looking for flexibility to suit your lifestyle or to improve your skills & experience in the job market? An option to consider is to sign up with a temporary recruitment agency Gold Coast. You may be a recent graduate, a student looking for part-time work, a stay-at-home mum looking to re-enter the workforce, or maybe you’ve just been retrenched and cannot find a permanent job. Short term contracts have long been favoured for the flexibility and financial rewards they offer and can be a critical move to securing a permanent role. However, to be hired and retained, you need to master the four Rs of temp recruitment.

  1. Reliability

Reliability communicates trust and respect – showing your employer (and recruitment agent) can trust you. Being reliable not only means showing up for work but being on time is just as important. When on the job, do what you said you were going to do throughout the recruitment process. This leaves a positive impression on both your employer and which ultimately could lead to a permanent job.

  1. Responsible

Responsibility is a key soft-skill demanded in all work environments and sectors. Showing proof of capabilities is a must-have on a CV and using proven examples of success in your responsibilities and duties will set you miles apart from other candidates.

  1. Ready to be flexible

Whether you are clear about the direction of your career path or testing the waters to find the right job for you, be ready to be flexible and embrace suggestions and opportunities your recruiter has for you. If you are registered for temporary work but never answer your phone, your recruiter cannot offer you the job. Consider the offer wisely and remember your recruiter is an experienced professional who has an objective eye on the outlook and needs of the employment industry. Broaden your horizons and be open to opportunity.

  1. Relationship-building

Often, many job seekers find those ‘hidden’ vacancies through a professional network. Temporary jobs can offer massive opportunities to make the right connections in order to enhance your prospects. Build a relationship with your recruiter and your managers, prove yourself as professional, reliable and flexible, this will increase your chances of securing the role and being given a shining reference at the end of the temporary assignment.

Are you ready to enter the temporary job market? Place your career in the hands of a proficient Patrese People consultant with expertise in the Gold Coast temp recruitment market.


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