Temporary Recruitment

Our temporary white-collar recruitment company service provides quality staffing solutions throughout the country. We’re proud to provide you with the candidates that best suit your business needs, whether you’re a large corporate, major manufacturer or leading financial institution.

Looking for Temp-Hire agencies Byron Bay, Ballina, Brisbane & Gold Coast? Know Your Objectives

The best way to make sure we give you outstanding results for your temporary hire is to know exactly what you want. Understanding job roles and how an individual will fit in with your day-to-day activities is what we excel at. Our agency works closely with recruitment companies around the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Ballina and Brisbane to identify the needs that arise from staffing requirements. We believe it’s important to have detailed information regarding the kind of candidate you’re looking for so we can see who would best fit the role.

Providing You with Only the Best Service

We’re determined to give you the best level of customer care and satisfaction with your hire by providing you with exceptional knowledge and expertise. Our team of experienced recruiters specialise in assigning both short term and long term candidates to relevant job roles and industries through a streamlined process. This way we can ensure that the highest calibre of individuals are placed where they are needed in your firm, contact centre or local business.

Our flexible staffing service makes us one of the most ideal ‘middlemen and women’ to work with. Through thorough recruitment processes, we carefully screen applicants, their documents and qualifications to provide you with an advanced report that is accessible to you at any time.

Our Temporary Recruitment Services by Job Role and Industry Sector

In addition to serving the industries mentioned above, we also help businesses in the FMCG, Warehousing, and Product Distribution industries with filling temporary roles. Below are the job roles our agency caters for as part of our temporary recruitment services:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • Internal Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Administration
  • Reception

For the best possible temporary placement, get in touch with Patrese People today. We’re here to help you. Email info @patresepeople.com.au