Resume Writing Tips- How To Stand Out From The Crowd

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Resume Writing Tips 

How to stand out from the crowd

The current economic climate means that there are an extremely high number of people who have found themselves looking for new job in what is a candidate rich market. Here are some resume writing tips that how to stand out from the crowd.

As the volume of job seekers increase, so will applications. We are already seeing a major rise in the numbers of applicants for positions, this means hiring managers will need more time to work through shortlisting resumes, which they generally don’t have. Therefore, in their shortlisting efforts, they will be looking for those stand out resumes.

So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?  Presenting a professional and well written resume is paramount to securing an interview, let alone the job!

In today’s market, a professionally presented resume is often just not enough to stand out.  Remember, your resume is your advertisement you use to catch the eye of the hiring manager. One way to do this is by including key words related to the job you are applying for.  Modern technology for hiring includes the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which use key words to identify matched applicants to roles. Such key words will also get your resume brought up in an ATS search. You can identify key words by reading the advert / job description available.

Examples for your resume:

For a General Manager role requiring someone with experience of “acquisition” and “mergers”, you will need such key words in your resume.  Don’t allow hiring managers to assume what experience you have.

If you are a bookkeeper and haven’t mentioned your system experience, it could be the difference between being in the shortlist or the reject pile. List all technical experience – Xero, Intuit, Sage, etc…

If you are a HR Manager, be sure to include your key areas of expertise.  Fair work disputes, performance management, team management, engagement surveys and implementing HRIS systems.  Again, don’t allow hiring managers to assume what experience you have by your job title.

Your resume should be concise and professional.  Try not to be repetitious and include your achievements without given the employer a 7 page document.  A resume should be 2-3 pages maximum.

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