Rebuilding Your Staff After Covid-19

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It’s clear Covid-19 has not affected all businesses. In fact some businesses have powered through this crisis and that is hard to watch for those who have struggled and hit really hard times.

If your business is one of the many which has been affected and has had to downsize your staffing, you may not be sure of the way forward once your business restarts or even how busy you will be. This is an unprecedented time after all and it’s understandable to be unsure which is the right direction to take from here. It’s a hard call to say how quickly the economy will bounce back.

This may create some confusion around decisions regarding staffing needs. The staff you stood down may no longer be available, they may have moved onto new job roles, or decided not to return to their old position, regardless of having JobKeeper.

Whatever your situation Patrese People can assist you in your workforce planning. We can guide you with those confusing decisions on what staff you may require. It may well be the solution isn’t to rehire full-time staff but to create a casual, flexible workforce during the recovery phase. You may not at this moment have the capability to payroll people.

Patrese People, your Gold Coast recruiters can supply you nationally with temporary workers who are capable, knowledgeable staff who can assist you in getting your business back to where you need it to be.

And when the time is right, should you take on a temp and decide you want to keep them, that is something we can also assist you with. It is common for temp staff to go permanent with our clients. Or even if you believe you are ready to hire new permanent staff, we can assist you here too. We have a database of people ready and waiting to enter back into the workforce or move to a new role.

Would you like to have a conversation around our Workforce Planning, temporary /permanent recruitment, labour hire? Please give us a call today. We will do our best to assist and point you in the right direction.

After all…People make the difference!