Rebuilding your recruitment strategy after COVID-19

Recruitment Strategy 477x400 - Rebuilding your recruitment strategy after COVID-19

Rebuilding your recruitment strategy after COVID-19

The global pandemic has changed the employment landscape dramatically.  Organisational agility is the key to survival and we have seen many organisations adopt new ways of working and pivoting their business through this pandemic.

The Unknown.

 Just as the levels of confidence starts to rise, the end of JobKeeper closer, we now see what the experts predicted and we all hoped wouldn’t happen, a second wave of Covid-19 is happening in Victoria with high levels of concern it will spread to our other states.

Given this unpredictable climate, organisations are now more than ever needing to plan to be future-focussed whilst preparing in readiness to react quickly to new and unexpected situations. Those companies hardest hit by this pandemic are planning for the very near future, giving serious consideration to laying off staff or increasing their layoffs. Whereas those recruitment companies which have experienced a boom or neutral effect are planning their future and giving consideration to increasing their staffing levels.

For some, the biggest challenge will be deciding what to do in the face of uncertainty.  Its uncharted territory for all, but as we learn to charter these new waters and recover from this pandemic, companies will need to reboot their strategies with a standout being their recruitment strategies. Talent pools will need to be rebuilt ensuring they snap up top talent, strengthening their organisation on the road to recovery.

Rebuilding your workforce

Whether your recruitment is on freeze, ramping up or hiring, now is the time to revisit your recruitment strategy and we have shared some tips below to help..

Tips on rebuilding your recruitment strategy:

  • Look at your business plan

Consider your new business strategy if you have one, and what does this mean?  Do you need to hire new people to take your business forward.  Perhaps doing what you have always done is not going to work, could be time for a change.

  • Consider the skills gaps in your business.

It is so important to look at what roles you need to fill by identifying the skills gap within your business.  A skills gap analysis will help you identify what you need to strengthen the business and take you forward.

  • Who will manage sourcing the right talent?

Because recent figures show the unemployment rate in Australia climbed to 7.1% ABS – May 2020, it is very much a candidate rich market and a high number of applicants for most jobs. This can be beneficial as it means you may have access to excellent talent. However, the time taken to recruit permanent, casual and labour hire staff will increase dramatically.  Consider the most cost effective and efficient way to run your recruitment campaigns.

  • HR Assistance / Internal Recruitment

As HR are scrambling with the changes happening with Awards, JobKeeper & Redundancies in certain areas now might be the time to consider outsourcing your recruitment to specialist and allow HR to focus on the Human Resources side of the business.

  • Outsourced Recruiters

If you do decide you need to outsource to a recruiter, make sure the recruiter fits your company. The right recruiter will take the time to understand your company and ensure the right candidates will be presented to you. Different recruitment companies offer differing services from permanent full fee to unbundled services for those with a smaller budget.

If you need work force planning, skills gap analysis, recruitment services, unbundled services or HR Support.  Call us today we can assist or point you in the right direction.