Let A Recruitment Agency Help Take The Pain Out Of Finding You A Permanent Job

Job hunting can be a ‘full-time’ job in itself and a drain on your pocket too. Permanent recruitment agencies understand where there are skill shortages and have access to available positions which may never be advertised. Recruitment agencies are well positioned to match individual experience and skills to your ideal job.

Finding a permanent job on your own – without the expertise of a staffing professional – is not dissimilar to treasure hunting. It can be a painful and frustrating experience especially if the clues are ‘hidden’ and out of your reach. Here’s what you need to know to assist in your search for permanent recruitment Brisbane work:

Unadvertised jobs

In Australia there is a hidden job market. It may be news to some candidates, but not all jobs are advertised via online job boards. Companies may employ someone through word of mouth, through their network, or they may engage a recruitment company, such as Patrese People, to manage the recruitment process. Recruitment companies have a database of people actively looking for work and if you are not registered, you may miss out on these job opportunities.

Online job sites are easily accessible but often don’t help you to stand out

Many candidates are quick to apply to online job posts by simply attaching a cover letter and resume. However, while these platforms present a massive array and number of job opportunities, there is not much to help your application stand out amongst the hundreds of other candidates. By engaging with a recruiter, you are effectively allowing a real person to make your case for you, introducing you to the right companies and employers, representing the best you.

Insider advice

Engaging with a recruiter can be beneficial, as recruitment consultants build a special relationship with their clients, your potential employer, and can provide you with more in-depth information than what is posted in a job advert. You can ask questions on company culture and what the company deems an ideal candidate – golden nuggets of information you can use to show interest in an interview.

Need a specialist in permanent recruitment in Brisbane? Let us at Patrese People help place you in your dream job. Contact us today.