Jobseeker Tips During Covid-19, Including Writing the Perfect Recruitment Resume and How to Best Position Yourself When Seeking Employment the Gold Coast

In a rapid changing job market, we are seeing more interviews take place online and a huge increase in people working from home. Now more than ever jobseekers need to embrace technology to ensure their resume stands out from the crowd. Your resume is your sales pitch and what gets your foot in the door. Therefore even though times are currently tough, having your career on the forefront of your mind could ensure your preparation now will help when we come out the other side of this unprecedented time. Some good advice on what to do now is below.

Be Calm and patient

With social distancing and isolation, now is a good time for jobseekers to familiarize themselves with modern technology.

To ensure you do not delay the recruitment process there is no better time than now to ensure you are set up ready for online interviews. Companies choosing online interviewing could use: Skype; Zoom; Facetime; Messenger, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or Whatsapp. Now is the time to utilise your fee time to create an account with each of these platforms and trial them to ensure they work.

Setting up these digital platforms now means they also are available to use to socialise with your friends during time of isolation.

Work on your resume.

Technically there is no right or wrong way of compiling a resume, however, there are some common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Think of the presentation and structure of your resume in this way, your resume is the first impression that the recruitment firm and/or your future employer will have of you. If you ensure that you have clear headings, an organised format, a logical order to things, up to date contact details, and it is free of spelling mistakes, you’ll be fine.


A few standard inclusions under the personal detail section of your resume include:

  • Full Name
  • Residential Suburb
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address

Background and Qualifications

This is the section of your resume that includes what makes you qualified for the position you’re applying for. This includes your education and any relevant achievements that boost your talent listing. It is common for achievements to be listed under its own heading but you’ve got license with this one.


Your work experience is a crucial inclusion as all recruiters will want to know what you’re capable of doing and the length of your experience in the field you are applying for. Make sure you include reasons for any gaps in employment.

You should always ensure your resume is relevant to the role to which you are applying. This means that although three years of art classes are fun, and you are applying for an accountancy position, unless you’ve also have the relevant accountancy experience, the classes may not be relevant. Keep it short and sweet where you can, to avoid the reader’s eyes from glazing over. Always remember the recruiter/employer may have many applications, make yours stand out.

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