Is Employee Culture Important to your Company?

Is Employee Culture Important to your Company - Is Employee Culture Important to your Company?

Culture fit is increasingly becoming standout criteria for companies, for both employers and employees. It has been realised that hiring on skillset alone, isn’t the only way to hire.

Companies who have nailed the culture fit of their employees (managers and teams alike) are seeing a huge difference in their business not just with the culture, but also in their profit and working environment. Having hired by not only skillset but also culture fit, it is being seen that their staff work better together, collaborate with each other, and basically just work well as a team should, thereby bringing harmony and efficiency into the workplace. Managing a team is hard enough at times, so introducing other methods other than skillset and experience into your employment criteria to ensure your team work well together just makes sense.

Hiring for culture fit however has more advantages than just creating a great team. A company which has a great culture is recognised, talked about, and gains a reputation as a desired place of work. This in turn attracts more stand-out talent, high performers, and a more driven engagement of staff because people just want to work there. Win / Win, isn’t that what all companies want? 

Creating a great cultured workplace however isn’t just about the staff you bring into the team; it also stems from the top down. Employers/managers who recognise their staffs’ efforts and take the time to reward them with small gestures is also seen as a positive move. The reward gesture is often given as a pay increase or bonus, but it doesn’t always have to be of monetary value to be appreciated. Even small non-monetary rewards go a long way, which cost little in time and money. Especially during these Covid-19 stressful times, making an employee feel good without added cost can only be a good thing, right? 

Here’s an example of a small gesture:

Recently, a contact of mine (who works in a call centre), told me of a time when the CEO came and sat with her whilst she went about her daily routine and took some inbound calls. He didn’t stay for long, but long enough to see the quality of her work. Later that day, he personally emailed her to advise her how impressed he was with her talent, her mannerism and how she dealt with their customers. It was only a small gesture, but she felt her ongoing efforts to ensure she was doing a good job for her employer had been recognised. It was only a small gesture but being recognised by ‘the big boss’ made her day. And by a small gesture, you now have one more employee happy in their job, feeling recognised and wanting to come to work; one more step forward in improving the company’s culture. 

What are you doing in your company to make sure you get the right employee culture fit and are recognising your employees by gesture?