At Patrese People we understand the importance of the Human Resources role and are here to help by offering a number of services and solutions to make your job easier which ultimately will impact business profits and growth. If you are searching for a recruitment agency in Brisbane, we can help you with this situation.


Outplacement – The impact of COVID-19 see us enter unprecedented times where redundancies are inevitable.  We recognize this is a concerning and worrying time for many businesses and individuals. To offer the best support available to smoothly transition your employees we have a range of outplacement programs available to best suit the needs of the business and the exiting employee.  Our aim is to provide people with a step by step approach in dealing with immediate crisis and prepare them for coming out the other side.

Our programs consist of practical advice given the current climate, online tutorials & resources, resume & cover letter writing templates, interview coaching, job search techniques, utilising social media & digital platforms and applicant tracking systems, along with webinar support and access to one-on-one consultation.

Digital Transformation Consultancy – It’s important for HR to be at the forefront of technology. Allow us to guide your HR’s digital transformation and assist you in embracing the transition into the latest technology. HRIS / Analytics / Cloud Based Platforms. Our consultants will discuss the options that best suit your business needs.

Exit Interviews – Exploring why an employee is leaving your organisation is an excellent way of understanding your business culture. If you are not looking at the reasons behind an employee’s exit, how can you understand what your workforce is truly thinking. Exit Interviews are an excellent way to capture unbiased feedback. Often an employee will open up more to a third party than to those they are familiar with. Information obtained from an Exit Interview could be crucial in reducing your attrition rate and either retaining a good culture or changing it.

Engagement Surveys – Employee engagement is directly linked to employee productivity. Information gathered from an Engagement Survey is an ideal way of gaining feedback on how employees think and feel about your business and culture.  Engagement Surveys provide invaluable information and allow you to fix problems you didn’t even know existed. It is always better to capture issues before they become a problem, ensuring you have the right people in your business driving your company’s culture.

Executive Coaching / Mentoring – It’s important the leaders of your business are keeping up with the ever-changing business landscape, striving to make themselves better, managing technology and change. Engaging a coach to mentor your management team will enable them to become more effective leaders with a more productive mindset, delivering the results required in your business.

Psychometric Analysis – Psychometric assessments are effective tools used for hiring the right people, assessing team dynamics, bench marking skills, team building and team dynamics. We have a variety of packages available to test – Work Values & Motivation profile, Personality Assessment, Time Management Profile, Abstract, Numerical, Verbal and Critical Reasoning, Comprehensive Leadership and Management Situational Judgement.

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