How to Use Social Media for Corporate Recruitment

In today’s world, statistics that show how much time we spend on social media are frankly astonishing. A whopping 90 odd per cent of the world is connected to a social media platform and we spend around 40% of our day staring at a screen. Recruiters and other corporate companies that are looking to hire employees can use this to their advantage. Below are a few ways that you can use social media to get the right person for your job.

Showcase Your Company

Social Media profiles aren’t just for individuals. More and more companies are making use of the various platforms to get their names out there, both for clients and potential employees. If a person is familiar with your company and has engaged with its profile, they are more likely to be recruited than someone who has no idea who you are. Make sure you update your social media profiles with relevant information about your company to attract searchers.

Target the Right People

Most social media platforms can target sets of people or candidates, depending on your job search criteria. You can select job titles, age, gender, and even interests and education. This makes finding the right people effortless and narrows your potential pool down considerably.

Screen Your Candidates

One of the most significant benefits of using social media to recruit people is that you can screen hopefuls before you even meet them. Social Media accounts are snapshots of our lives, showing the good and the bad. As a recruiter or corporate company looking to recruit, you can get a good idea of what a person’s work ethic and interests are just from their profiles. Red flags such as illegal substance use, lack of correct spelling and grammar, and unsavoury activities can all be noted and weeded out, making your selection process potentially trouble-free.

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