How to Improve Your Hiring And Recruitment Process Gold Coast

Recruiting is no easy task. Attracting highly skilled people to your business can be both time consuming and costly; and keeping them, well that’s a whole new blog in itself!. As a successful recruitment company, here are a few recruiting tips you can implement to create a smoother, more effective and efficient recruitment process potentially saving you time on recruiting, cut down your executive recruitment costs and increase your chances of attracting the right people for your business.

Create An Effective Job Ad

Writing an effective and well-edited job advert that matches the position is the ultimate recruiting tip. You will find candidates who apply for every job possible, but they are not the candidates you are looking to hire. Make sure your ad is impeccable if you want to attract the top candidates as your potential employees.

The position title should accurately reflect the requirements of the role. Most candidates do a search by job title so make sure your ad is informative and detailed to attract those with the necessary skillset you need. Don’t cut and paste from previous ads. Although templates are wise to help cut down on ad creation time, be sure to make the ad unique.

Keep your formatting simple and clear so the description is easy to pick up online for qualified candidates. Inform your audience about what is special about the position; include the salary range and benefits where possible. Many job seekers, staffing agencies, HR managers and other talent management professionals will look past job ads that don’t list this information. Don’t hold back when sharing important information jobseekers are looking for and be sure to tell them why you are an employer of choice, someone people want to work for.

Advertise On Social Media Platforms

Social Media offers free advertising and it amplifies your audience for free. You may find that promoting and advertising new roles and positions on your chosen social media platforms will bring in qualified applicants. Everyone spends time on social media and this is extremely beneficial because followers may share your job post with friends or family who they believe match the requirements. You may also reach qualified individuals who are not necessarily searching for jobs but already follow you and are interested in what you have to say and therefore already have an invested interest in your company.

Create a User-Friendly Application Process

It is important to keep the ideal candidates in mind when creating and designing your application process. Don’t create a process where candidates are required to fill out page after page of information. You only have the candidate’s attention for so long so the quicker the process of applying, the better for those interested. If your application requirements are too complex or irrelevant information is being required from them, your potential candidates may cancel their application because it takes too long and is overly complicated. Create simple and easy-to-use forms. Allow candidates to upload their resume and cover letters as attachments and use HR software to send automatic email responses to applicants.

Document Everything

Being the first point of contact for jobseekers, taking notes and documenting every step as you move through the recruiting process is critical. Learn from experience to help give yourself a better idea of what questions to follow up on, or what to do differently next time. Reference your notes, share documents and files with your team, and the next time the position, or a similar one becomes available you will be even more prepared.

Preapre your interview

Time and again interviewers talk too much themselves. Informing the candidate at the start of the interview about the role and the expectations of what you are looking for is always a huge mistake, as essentially you are provding them with all the answers to the questions you are about to ask. A good interview is one where the potential new employee / recruit does most of the talking – not you!

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