Four Key Tips Job Seekers Don’t Think About

Having a well-thought-out job search plan is a critical part of a successful job search. Without one, you’ll find applying for jobs a painfully frustrating experience. If you’ve been sending countless applications but received no response to any of them, you may be tempted to throw in the towel or consider a less suitable position. Instead, consider the following tips to your job search.

  1. Customise Your Resume For Each Job Application

One of the top mistakes job applicants make is to send out generic resumes for each job they apply for. Each job posting has a unique set of skills, experience and qualifications that a company requires. It’s these specific requirements a hiring manager will be looking for. Generic resumes that don’t highlight these point will be overlooked. Targeted resumes, tell the hiring manager that your qualifications are relevant and that you have the necessary skill set, are more likely to be shortlisted.

  1. Create A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform bringing companies and professionals together. As a job search tool, LinkedIn advertises open vacancies companies are looking to fill in the field that you’re interested in and with useful information about the company and its culture – information that can be used to drum up questions for that all-important ‘do you have any questions?’ part of an interview. Hiring managers also use LinkedIn to conduct background and reference checks on candidates before inviting them for an interview. So make sure you are visible on LinkedIn and that your profile matches your resume.

  1. Be Professional Across Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also useful job search tools. Companies often post available jobs on their pages to which people can apply, which is why your social media profile should be branded appropriately. In creative industries, social media can help showcase your talents and skills. However, you should always be cautious about what you post, share and like, as anything deemed inappropriate or offensive could cost you a job without you knowing it. Privacy settings should be used to hide personal and private posts from those that don’t need to see it.

  1. Network, Network, Network

It may come as a surprise to job seekers, but even informal networks through friends and community members can be instrumental in finding available jobs. Informal contacts through church socials or even at the gym can provide you with valuable information about job opportunities before they are advertised or give you a possible reference to attest to your skills.

Doing all the above will improve your chances of getting the job, but why not take it further? Patrese People is a specialist recruitment agency representing a wide variety of industries. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work, give our consultants a call today to discuss what you are looking for.

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