What’s The Point? Four Important Services That You Can Pay A Recruiter For

If you have hired staff you will know just how painful it can be,  let alone the cost?  Have you considered the cost of hiring yourself and amortised this over the amount of hires per year? Consider the amount of lost productivity of your people, how much time is spent advertising; hours spent screening; interviewing; re-interviewing; background checking and at the end of the process having to start it all over again! You could make the most of your money by engaging with a recruiter.

Some business owners or managers are sceptical about spending money on recruitment services. If you’re one of them, this blog is for you. We explain what a good recruiter can do for your business.

  1. Match Candidates That Fit In With The Work Culture – Not Just Skill Set

A resume indicates if a candidate has the relevant skills for a position. This can be followed up by competency-based interview questions. However, it’s imperative that you take it a step further. A candidate’s personality and values have an impact on how well they’ll fit in with your company’s culture. A good recruiter won’t waste your time submitting a candidate with the right skills but wrong personality and culture fit. With a thorough recruitment process we ask specific questions to assess candidates personality and behaviour to ensure they are the right culture fit for our clients – aiming to get it right the first time around.

  1. Create Shortlists Of Candidates With Good Potential On Your Behalf 

When it comes to shortlisting, the quality of candidates matters more than the quantity of resumes submitted to the client.  So if you are interviewing several candidates, your recruiter is not doing what they have been paid to do.  Companies pay a recruiter to give them only the best applicants to save them time and effort. We send only one to three candidates for you to interview and are confident you will be happy with your choice and one of those candidates will be hired.

  1. Check References To Ensure That Candidates Are Who They Say They Are

People often stretch the truth on their resumes in an attempt to secure that new job.   A good recruiter will conduct a thorough reference check on all candidates to ensure that everything they claim is in fact the truth. We’ll also check the validity of referee’s to avoid situations where a reference is not genuine.

  1. Onboard Management For A Smooth Introduction Into The Role

Beyond finding the right people to do the job, we also work to make sure their transition into the role is seamless. We keep in touch with the client and candidate throughout the probation period to ensure there are no issues, and both parties are happy. This results in smooth on boarding and resolves issues early on.

Recruiters, such as Patrese People, do more than place a candidate and then walk away. We prioritise top tier customer service and support. Looking for a recruiter you can trust? Contact Patrese People today, if are searching for recruitment agencies in Brisbane.