Deciding on a career change but not sure where to start?

So… you’re stuck in a career you no long want to do. Did you fall into your career? or maybe it was even your chosen career, and now you just don’t want to continue in it. You’ve lost your motivation, your desire, and your drive for what you once loved.

Is it time to change careers? Where do you start?

It can be a confusing time, so here are some suggestions on what to think about before you just hand in your notice to try something new:

  • Think about what you currently do?
  • What’s changed? What made you lose your passion for what you loved?
  • Have you just lost interest, or has it just become mundane/repetitive?
  • Does it just not pay enough? or is money not even a consideration.
  • You’ve decided you just want a new satisfying career.


There are many reasons why people choose to change careers. If you’ve decided it’s time to do something about it:

Here are some things to consider:

  • Evaluate your job satisfaction and what originally drew you to what you currently do?
  • What is it you still like about your current job?
  • What tasks you do in your current job? Spend some time writing down tasks you perform over a few weeks. We often do tasks automatically so it’s easy to forget we perform those tasks.
  • What are your transferable skills?
    • Transferable skills are skills you can use when transitioning into a new job

(eg, you may work for a legal firm and have a good understanding of the documentation required, but you will need to learn the new style of law you are changing to)

  • Transferable skills can be:
    • Computer programs you are skilled in which are used in other industries
    • Processes you perform which are similar to another job/industry
    • Knowledge – is your industry knowledge useable in a derivative industry?
    • Sales – a hunter – you know how to open doors, so you only have to learn a new product.
  • Whatever your transferable skills are, it is important to know them and this is a great place to start to work out what you have to offer in a new career choice.
  • Give consideration to what interests you, what fits your values?
  • Consider the different career options your interests/values would fit
  • What is it about you, you personally, which helped to make you successful in your current role?
  • Write down your strengths, your weaknesses and work on improving these
  • What is it going to take for you to enter into a new career?
    • Do you have the right skillset/education
    • Will you need to undertake some study
    • Is there a particular qualification required to enter your new career choice?

There is so much to consider when changing careers.

Other things which may be of consideration are:

  • Do you need to save some money to get you by during the change of jobs and your first pay?
  • Do you need to save to pay for courses?

If you are at a complete loss on what a new career looks like, or are unsure of how to make the change, perhaps a conversation and personal career coaching would be advantageous.  We can help with one to one career coaching and career transition to point you in the right direction.

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