Could Temporary Recruitment Be The Answer Post Covid-19?

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CoronaVirus Pandemic & Recruitment

Re-establishing your Work Force, are Temporary workers your answer?

With Covid-19 hitting businesses so hard, unprecedented decisions of letting go of staff have been called for. Even with the JobKeeper payment businesses have struggled on the right way forward.

Restarting businesses is going to be a confronting and confusing time, and good recruitment will be vital to ensure you grow your business along the right path again.

We as experienced permanent and temporary recruiters understand there will be companies who will struggle with their cashflow and where once they would outsource to a recruiter may not be able to do so at this time.  

We are here to help and have other recruitment solutions which may assist you.

Have you considered temp / contract workers?

Tips on why using a temporary recruitment agency could be a solution to consider.

Why you should consider using a recruitment agency for hiring temporary workers coming out of Covid-19

  • No lump sum fee – Temporary workers are charged to you by the hour. An hourly margin is charged over and above the salary and oncosts.
  • Flexibility – There is no long term commitment when using temporary workers. You decide how often, or little, you will require them depending on your work load, business demand.
  • On Demand – Fast turn around for new staff to assist a busy period or sick/ holiday cover.
  • Temporary workers will have been interviewed, vetted and reference checked to ensure suitability.
  • You don’t have to pay workers SGC, WorkCover, PAYG, we arrange that. It is all included in the price quoted

Try Before You Buy

One of the biggest bonuses of using a Temporary recruitment company for temporary workers, is that if your intention is to hire a permanent member of staff you can trial them and see how they perform, their depth of knowledge and skillset before you commit to a permanent contract.

Moving Forward

If you think engaging with a recruitment agency for temp hire might be the right solution for post Covid-19, get in touch with Patrese People today. We are your recruitment agency Gold Coast, recruitment agency Brisbane and also have the capability to supply nationally.  If you aren’t entirely sure which is the right direction to go, we are happy to discuss our Workforce Planning Session option which assists clients in planning the right way forward.

Give us a call today or contact us for a no obligation conversation.