Coronavirus: Workplace Impacts To Consider

Coronablog1 - Coronavirus: Workplace Impacts To Consider

There are many articles circulating about the impacts of COVID on the workplace.  Here’s our take on things you need to consider.

In addition to sanitising, hand washing, upping your hygiene regime and ensuring you have a robust IT Framework, you should also consider the following giving the current climate:- Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Most companies will have business continuity plans but these tend to be around cyber-attacks or natural disasters. I can’t imagine anyone having planned for the impact the current Coronavirus pandemic has caused, let alone that it would last for months on end. Now is the time to brainstorm and plan, just like the Government model, you need to look at the what ifs and buts for your business.

  1. Managing staff remotely.

Whilst many companies already embrace “work from home” policies, there are plenty of organisations scrambling to adapt.  A primary concern with managing workers remotely is leaders have rarely been trained in this kind of managing. With the expectation of remote working continuing for the foreseeable future, now is the time to consider how best to manage remotely:

  • Keeping your remote workers engaged by open communication
  • Conduct online meetings to keep colleagues connected
  • Manage negative feedback and learn appropriate body language for online interactions
  • Consider email tone and use of capital letters – this can be construed as angry and shouting.
  • Set clear expectations and ensure KPI’s are adhered to
  • Think about implementing a Daily Close of Business report

3. Staff Morale

Whilst you as a business is adapting, so too are the employees.  Make sure your staff are okay.  They will be worrying about their job security, their family, their health and how to juggle being a school teacher alongside their daily work tasks!

Check in on them, let them know it’s okay.  Your support will go a long way and will no doubt increase their productivity in the long run.  If you don’t have a dedicated HR Professional, now may a good opportunity to consider engaging with the right professional to guide you through this.

4. Cost Reductions and Staff Cuts

You have options, so make it your priority to understand them.  Consult with the right professionals to ensure you are making the best decisions for your business and your people.  HR Professionals will ensure you are legal, ethical and acting from a place of caring for your people, as well as the bottom line, thereby ensuring you are protecting your brand from bad publicity.

5. Allow people to be human

I don’t think any of us can underestimate the mental health effects this unprecedented time will have on all of us. The psychological distress of the unknown Is something which should be considered.

At present, it’s just not “business as usual”, so let’s allow for that. Encourage your managers and leaders to be open with their people and not only recognise stress, but allow for it. A supported worker is going to give you so much more if they feel nurtured and “in it together”.   

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