Employers – Achieving Equality, Diversity & Parity

Employers – What can you do in recognition of International Women’s Day, every day? #choosetochallenge #IWD2021 While we know the International Women’s Day is an annual celebration and brings scores of brilliant, clever and talented women together, often presented in the media as a success for the International Women’s movement, it is also a reminder […]

Shout Out On International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day is celebrated annually but the theme runs all year long to encourage action. What better day to not only express my gratitude for the certificate of appreciation I have received, for my volunteer work for Friends With Dignity, but to […]

Recruiting well – We all know businesses suffer the cost of a bad hire

It is well known businesses suffer the cost of a bad hire. Being thorough and up to date with current recruitment practices is important in hiring the right candidate and gives a higher level of protection against a bad hire. However, despite bad hires, we ignore our recruitment process and continue to hire the same way.

Is Employee Culture Important to your Company?

Culture fit is increasingly becoming standout criteria for companies, for both employers and employees. It has been realised that hiring on skillset alone, isn’t the only way to hire. Companies who have nailed the culture fit of their employees (managers and teams alike) are seeing a huge difference in their business not just with the […]

5 reasons to use a recruitment agency for temporary staff

Temporary Employment is a solution offered by recruitment agencies & employers where a person works for a specified period of time, based on the needs of the business.

Deciding on a career change but not sure where to start?

So… you’re stuck in a career you no long want to do. Did you fall into your career? or maybe it was even your chosen career, and now you just don’t want to continue in it. You’ve lost your motivation, your desire, and your drive for what you once loved. Is it time to change careers? Where do you start?

Job Seekers – frustration finding a new job or changing your career. Tips on accessing the hidden job market.

Job Seekers – frustration finding a new job or changing your career. Are you on a career change journey?  Are you feeling frustrated trying to get a new job, or struggling to break into a new industry? It can be extremely demotivating with so much competition in the job market, given the current economic crisis. […]