Be Job Ready – Tips to Increase your Chance of being Shortlisted

image001 - Be Job Ready – Tips to Increase your Chance of being Shortlisted

Whilst Australia has fared better than other countries, during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still seeing lockdowns and an increase in unemployment.  As a result, us recruiters have seen larger than normal candidate pools available for employers which in turn means candidates on the job hunt are finding rejection more common than usual.

Constant rejection when job searching is frustrating.  So how can you increase your chances of being shortlisted for jobs rather than being rejected?

Here are some job search tips which may assist in lessening your chances of being rejected:

Right Fit

When applying for an advertised position, make sure you read the advert carefully and in its entirety. A common reason for rejecting a candidate is they missed vital prerequisite information in the advert.

For example, I recently called a candidate for screening. Their experience looked like it could be a great fit for my client and their job role. However, upon speaking to them, it was clear within a few minutes the applicant had not read the advert. This not only wasted their and my time, but I had to tell them they didn’t fit. An unnecessary rejection for them.


It is important to make sure your skillset fits the position you are applying.

One of the most common occurrences is to receive applications from candidates who just don’t have the matching skillset required to perform the job role.

For example, when advertising for a project manager with a specific industry experience is essential, often candidates apply who have project management experience, but nothing relevant to the advertised industry experience required. It is true that sometimes it doesn’t matter, but often an employer just wants their new hire to be able to slide straight into a role with limited training, and if you don’t have that particular industry experience, there will need to be training and once again, an unnecessary rejection.

Salary Expectation

Know your worth and know what the job is worth.

When screening applicants, it is important to establish the salary the applicant requires because you know what the job your skilled in and applied for is worth, right? Surprisingly, candidates sometimes don’t know what salary worth, let alone what the position the salary for the job they applied for would pay. Before applying for a job, take some time do your research to understand how/why salaries can differ. Variations in salaries could be due to the industry, the company and/or the location. Look online at other job adverts, look for the company you are applying for or even the location. Not understanding the salary for a job could mean you are applying for a job which in Sydney or Melbourne may have paid $90k, but in Brisbane or even the Gold Coast might only be worth $80k. Not having this information makes for unnecessary rejection.


Last but definitely not least. Make sure your resume is up to date, well presented and most definitely accurate.

When shortlisting candidates, rejections occur when there are constant spelling and grammatical errors throughout the resume. In some jobs it won’t matter, but in many it will. A resume is your foot in the door to a possible new career path. It’s worth your effort to make sure it is presented well and makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t have the expertise to make your resume stand out, reach out for help.

So, if you’re receive no joy in your job searches, consider the above tips to ensure you are putting your best foot forward and giving yourself your best chance to secure the job.

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