6 of the Most Important Benefits of Onboarding for You & Your New Hire

A strong onboarding process results in much happier employees. It helps employees to connect with one another and how to communicate effectively. Onboarding also helps people discover how their roles fit in with the rest of the organisation.

In a previous blog, we discussed the main reasons why onboarding is a necessary process. This time, we expand on this by looking into the benefits of onboarding for both the company and the new employee.

Benefits for New Employees:

1 – All the Relevant Information & Tools that Equip them To Do the Job Well

A colleague who provides a helping hand, who takes the time to ensure a new employee is introduced into the company and its culture is a great way to onboard. Having that person to explain correct protocol, where essentials are located, where stationery is stored, or even who orders it are basic onboarding procedures, but can make a huge difference in making one feel welcome in their new role.

2 – More Confidence & engaged in their new Role

It is important an employer outlines to a new employee the company’s expectations of their new role. It shouldn’t be assumed the new employee will know your expectations of them. Take the time to set and explain the company’s expectations so they aren’t thrown in the deep end or just doing what they think needs to be done. By doing so, your new employee will feel welcomed and part of the company and wider organisation.

3 – A Chance to Acclimate into the Company Culture from the Beginning

Onboarding allows new recruits to dip their feet into the company culture from the onset. This helps them to get familiar with and organically become part of the fabric of the business. Cultivating a sense of belonging this way makes employees more committed to the company’s broader goals.

Benefits for Employers:

4 – Lower Staff Turnover Rates / Increased Retention Rates

Committed employees are more likely to stay, which means that your company won’t flush money down the drain training new person after new person. It also makes for a more stable work environment enabling you to focus on planning ahead for growth.

5 – Decreased Time to High Levels of Productivity

It is vital new employees are clear what their objectives are and how these.

objectives fit into the bigger picture. Providing objectives gives the new employees the expectations from the offset and is vital in their success. Your ongoing support will ensure they meet their objectives -Win win for both employer and employee.

6 – Promote Better Company Culture 

A Team that Trusts & Communicates Openly with Management & colleagues makes for a good working culture. Onboard your people well and retain them by offering a great workplace.

When we recruit at Patrese People, we also guide you with the onboarding process and provide ongoing support to ensure your new employee is settling in to their new position and meeting both party’s expectations of the job. Call us today.

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