5 reasons to use a recruitment agency for temporary staff

What is temporary employment?

Temporary Employment is a solution offered by recruitment agencies & employers where a person works for a specified period of time, based on the needs of the business.

For example, a local Law Firm or Accountancy Business might hire some temporary employees to get them through a busy period. Or perhaps a Real Estate Business might have a marketing plan and requires an additional team member for the administration of the customer database in preparation for maildrops. Those are just a few examples of a temporary employment arrangement.

How does temporary employment work?

The nature of temporary employment can vary quite a lot. Some companies engage temporary employees to fill full-time roles for a set period of time, while others step into part-time positions. Or, some companies hire people on a temporary basis with a view to filling a permanent position.  The temporary period acting as a “trial run” before offering the employee a permanent position.

Such specifics vary from company to company, but the basic premise of temporary recruitment is that organisations can engage people for a given length of time.

Such specifics vary from company to company, however the basic premise of temporary recruitment is organisations are able to utilise additional staff when needed and for a given length of time.

We have highlighted below 5 reasons why it is beneficial to use temporary recruitment:

  1. Flexibility – Given the current climate employers may be reluctant to engage permanent employees. Utilizing temporary workers means you have the flexibility to engage workers for as little, or as long, as your business requires. (Minimum daily hours dictated In line with the modern award.)
  2. “Try before you buy” is a great option if you are considering employing a permanent worker / permanent recruitment. If the person you wish to hire is not currently employed, it can be beneficial to use an initial temporary recruitment period to trial someone prior to offering the permanent role.
  3. Reduce pressure to recruit – by hiring a temporary worker to cover whilst you go through the recruitment process for a permanent employee, the pressure to hire quickly and make the wrong decision can be reduced. A temp labour hire candidate enables you to focus on a thorough recruitment process whilst knowing the tasks are being taken care of by a competent and well skilled temporary person.
  4. Fast recruitment – Temporary workers can usually start working with little notice. Good recruitment agencies will have a pool of fully vetted temp workers ready and waiting to commence work.
  5. Cost Control – A temporary workforce allows you to increase your staff without increasing your permanent headcount and associated costs. The temporary recruiter takes care of employee on costs which allows you to focus on running your team whilst we look after the payroll.

With experience across most industries, Patrese People can supply temporary administrators, accounts staff, sales staff, customer service staff – to mention but a few.  If you would like a no obligation conversation about how temporary recruitment could be advantageous to your business please call or email today – info@patresepeople.com.au