4 Top Tips For A More Effective Recruitment Process

Every business relies on having the right people employed to do the job; that is, people with the relevant skills, passion and culture fit. Failing to get this right can spell disaster and increase staff turnover.  We therefore compiled a list of pro tips that you can use as a guide to successful recruiting moving forward. Remember to be open to trying new methods.

Recruitment Tip #1: Learn As Much About Candidates First

Our tip is to ALWAYS start by asking questions and ensure that you find out everything you need to know about the candidate BEFORE describing the job and telling the interviewee the attributes you are looking for.  This will allow you to get a truer representation of who they are, and what they bring to the table – as opposed to having them tell you what they believe you want to hear.

Recruitment Tip #2: Make Sure The Candidate’s Personality & Values Are A Good Fit

When hiring it is important to prioritise matching the person’s culture fit & skill set with those of the business. Remember skills can develop over time but you cannot develop someone’s personality.  To identify culture fit ask interview questions such as: Tell me about the worst manager you have worked for; Describe a time something unfair happened at work; Tell me about a previous company you worked for that you think had the best work place.

Recruitment Tip #3:  Be Rigorous When It Comes To Reference Checks

Always reference check your candidates and check the validity of referees. There’s no better gauge than this to check that your candidate is as they have described themselves during the interview.

Recruitment Tip #4: Hire A Recruiter To Narrow Down The Search

Candidates tend to tell employers what they want to hear whilst they think recruiters have an assortment of vacancies, and therefore are more open about what its they really want in their next job.  Using a recruiter, such as Patrese People, therefore cuts down on the number of applicants you see who just want a job or are the wrong culture fit.

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