4 Reasons Why Using A Temp-Hire Agency To Access Temp-Hire Staff Is Better For Your Business

Not all people who work for you are meant to stay forever. Many companies find that they often need temporary staffing solutions as part of a flexible staffing approach, which consists of a mix of permanent and temporary staff. When the time comes to hire this kind of work, you may think posting a job advert is enough. However you can save yourself time, money and effort by using a temp-hire agency as they are the most reliable way to access the best possible pool of available temp staff in the recruitment market.

There are a number of attractive reasons to engage with a recruiter for your temp staff hire / labour hire requirements:

  1. They Address Labour Shortages Quickly 

The costs of long-term labour can quickly escalate when you have to take into account paid annual leave, sick leave and retirement contributions – none of which apply to temporary workers. Businesses can keep on top of productivity goals without the additional costs associated with permanent staff.

  1. They Meet The Demands Of Seasonal Workloads

Businesses that depend on seasonal economic activity can benefit by hiring temp staff when the workload is high. Temp workers can be incorporated to fulfil a need during busy periods allowing your core staff time to concentrate on specialised tasks.

  1. They Introduce Skills And Talent

Temporary workers range from the low-skilled entry-level workers to those with highly specialised skill sets. For example, you may require a receptionist to cover your permanent workers holiday / sick leave, or you might require someone with special skills for a new project, a temp worker can provide the necessary skills as and when equipped by your business needs.

  1. They Can Initiate New Marketing Campaigns

Using temp employees to test new telemarketing or direct mail campaigns allows businesses to implement new marketing strategies. This can help achieve more sales without taking permanent staff away from their main duties.

If you are considering hiring temp staff to get ahead of your productivity goals, speak to one of our experienced consultants at Patrese People today. We’re a specialist temp-hire agency servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast, representing a diverse array of industries.